Cyprus Property Price Index Q3 2015 Prices as at 30/09/15

The twenty-fourth publication of RICS’ Cyprus Property Price Index, a quarterly price and rental index, has been recently published.  The Index tracks property and rental prices across all districts and main property types. The price index observes that during the third quarter of 2015 the Cyprus economy showed some signs of stability, with the economy’s performance being better than expected and tourism mildly outperforming forecasts. Unemployment remained at a historical high level, stabilised at ca 15%, and discussions were ongoing regarding privatisations of state owned enterprise. The Property Price Index has recorded falls in most cities and asset classes while the rate of decrease is less than previous quarters. In addition certain Districts indicate signs of stability as Paphos, Larnaca and Famagusta are progressively bottoming out.

For a detailed analysis of the average property price, the average monthly rent per property and the initial yield, click below.

RICS Index Q3 2015