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The valuation of immovable property is one of the main services offered by the firm. PropertyServe Chartered Surveyors undertakes property valuations for all types of immovable properties, for various purposes.

Types of  Property Valuations

  • Residential Valuations
  • Commercial Valuations
  • Industrial Valuations
  • Rural/Agriculture Valuations
  • Leisure Property / Business Valuations

Purpose of Valuation

  • Finance/Lending Purposes

We offer full comprehensive valuation reports for financial institutions and COOP’s, covering all districts across the country.

  • Acquisition/Disposal Purposes

In embarking on a transaction of this kind, it is essential to use the services of an experienced professional. Our firm provides professional advice on all steps of the selling/buying procedure.   Beyond our opinion of the Market Value of the property, we offer pre-purchase due diligence advice and on client’s request we can be involved in the negotiation process whether selling or buying a property.

  • Accounting Purposes

Valuations undertaken for inclusion in financial statements complying with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

  • Taxation Purposes

From our experience there were many instances that property owners were in dispute with the relevant authorities as to their tax obligations. Understanding the complexity of the taxation system, we undertake valuations of immovable property for Capital gains, Income tax, Immovable Property Tax and Transfer fees.

  • Insurance Purposes

In co-operation with experienced Quantity Surveyor (QS) associate, we provide reinstatement cost valuations for building insurance purposes

  • Rental Assessment Purposes

We advise and conduct market rental assessments for lease renewals /rent reviews as well as other Landlord and Tenant legal relationships.

  • Compulsory Purchase & Compensation Purposes

It is fair to say that whenever land is taken compulsorily, fair compensation should be paid. This is not always the case and due to the long lasting disputes between property owners and Government bodies. As such our aim is to advice the client correctly and seek a fair compensation in order to avoid long and expensive litigation procedures.

In cases where is needed, the firm may act as an advisor, negotiator or expert witness in a Court hearing on behalf of the client (either the acquiring authority or the affected landowner).

  • Disputes & Differences

Our more complex consulting services include:

  • Boundary Disputes
  • Co-ownership  Property Disputes
  • Inheritance Disputes and Probate cases
  • Property Exchange Assessments
  • Divorce Cases
  • Payment of compensation
  • Assessment of “fair rent” governing by the Rent Control Act