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As the name implies feasibility study is an analysis of the viability of a proposed development with an emphasis on identifying potential opportunities / threats, strengths /weaknesses and attempts to answer one major question: “Should we proceed with the proposed development?”

A well-designed feasibility study includes an in-depth market analysis, location analysis, statistics, usage concept, due-diligence, economic analysis, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, legal obligations, competition analysis and risk analysis.

These reports prove to be a powerful tool for an investor before investing time and money into a particular project/development.

Business Plans

A business plan is essential part of a company’s strategy before taking any decisions. It includes a description of the business/project, details of the operations and management overall budget, legal and tax obligations, current and projected financing, market analysis, marketing strategy and generally outlines the timeframe on which certain actions should be taken.

Through our Economists, Chartered Accountants, Project Managers and Bankers associates we can provide a sound business plan, helping you formulating your business idea into reality.